Cross Humanity Wireless / Bluetooth Skull Speaker (Red)

Cross Humanity Wireless / Bluetooth Skull Speaker (Red)

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Listen to music at home or work in style with the handmade Skull Speaker from Cross Humanity. Enjoy wireless music from your smartphone or tablet device via Bluetooth or via the included 3.5mm AUX cable. A statement piece, the shades-wearing skull features a powerful 15W speaker built into the back of the head. 

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Bluetooth module: CSR8615                    
Bluetooth version: 4.0                 
Bluetooth ID: Cross Humanity (SY16003)
Channel: 1 channel (Full range: 1*15 W)            
Out power: 15W                     
Power supply: Adapter (12V/1A)
Overall dimension: 15*19*H15cm       
Net weight: 1580 g

Included in box: Skull speaker (1) Adapter (1)   3.5mm AUX cable (1)