Pokemon Pikachu Power Bank Charger 2600 mAH (PK0471)

Pokemon Pikachu Power Bank Charger 2600 mAH (PK0471)

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Pokemon "Pikachu" Cartridge Power Bank 2600 mAH - charges smart phones & tablets

Charge your smartphone on the go and you will never run out of battery again! This power bank charger is portable, rechargeable and an LED indicator gives you the ability to check how much juice is left in your power bank. Comes with USB to Micro-USB cable included.

Lightning cable not included.  The cable supplied is for Android devices. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you will need to use your existing iPhone/iPad cable. Instructions for iPhone & iPad users: Plug the USB end of your iPhone cable into the USB port of the power bank and the lightning end into your phone. This will now charge your device.

Official Pokemon Merchandise

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Built in 2600mAh Battery | Lithium-polymer Battery | LED indicator | Case Finish: Rubberised | Power Output: 2.1A / 5V | Connector: USB connector | Charging Time: 5 hours | Recharge approx 500 times | Micro USB Charging Cable included | Measures approx. 9.5cm x 2.5cm